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Professional pitch correction & manipulation

Fully integrated with FL Studio for the most efficient work flow. 

Auto or manually pitch correct vocals, create harmonies and new tunes.
Change volume levels, pitch duration, note position in the bar and alter or correct the overall pitch.



Simply move the blocks to correct

Newtone makes it easy to correct your vocals or monophonic-instrumental recordings. 

Transparent blocks indicate detected pitches and the red line the moment-by-moment pitch all calculated automatically. Out of tune notes are immediately visible, and can be corrected individually with the click of a right-mouse button. Alternatively Drop into Advanced Edit Mode and micro-correct any portion of the waveform.



Drag & drop file adding

Drag and drop your sounds or vocals directly into Newtone.

Efficient integration with FL Studio allows easy import/export to and from the Playlist, to wave format or exported as MIDI. 

Since Newtone is hosted as an effect and syncs with FL Studio transport, you can completely edit your audio without leaving Newtone. 


Experiment with sound

Go beyond correcting vocals, create harmonies or use Newtone to experiment with non-vocal sounds. 

Newtone is not only a pitch and time manipulation tool, but a versatile sound-design environment.


Key features:

  • Auto correct your vocals
  • Create harmonies & new tunes
  • Full integration with FL Studio


System requirements

VST plugin

  • ATTENTION: NO VST version sold at this time