Transient Processor

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Transient Processing?

Transient Processor is a dynamics processing plugin. The Transient Process allows transient peaks to be amplified or suppressed. Likewise the decay of transients can also be sustained or suppressed. Unlike a compressor or expander there is no threshold or ratio setting and you can choose to boost or cut the attack and decay parts of transients independently. Direct and simple controls, we like that.

 The Transient Processor installer is included as demo with all FL Studio Edition registrations 12.3 or higher.
Purchase the registration for this plugin as an extra on top of FL Studio.



Transient Processor Flowchart


Where to use Transient Processor?

Use it with high Attack settings to give extra snap or punch to drum sounds or with high Release settings to increase the apparent loudness or weight of percussion, vocals or any other sound where you would normally use a compressor. Unlike a compressor there are no thresholds or compression ratios to set, so Transient Processor is more forgiving and you will find it easier to achieve the sound you desire. Alternatively, use low Release settings to suppress unwanted noise or reverb in the tail of a sound. Transient Processor works dynamically with the input signal, processing only the attack and or release as you choose and will quickly become your indispensable go-to dynamics processing tool. Experimentation is key and abuse of the plugin is encouraged. Reap the sonic rewards!


Split frequency

Transient Processor features a unique frequency bypass (‘Split Frequency’ control) to remove low frequencies from the Transient Process as these are known to cause a distorted or rough sound. The low frequencies can then be recombined later in the chain so you don’t lose any of the bottom end to your sounds.


System requirements