ALL Presets Pack Bundle

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  • Downloadable Versions only.
  • No FL Studio registration needed or included
  • Active registrations to all these plugins are needed before you can purchase this bundle:
    DirectWave, FPC, Harmor, Morphine, Poizone, Sawer, Slicex, Toxic Biohazard.


Presets Packs Included:

  ASL SoundLab NeuroVision     LollieVox Vocals Resynthesized     The L. Bergman Electro Soundset

  ASL SoundLab NeuroVision 2     Mehran Abbasi EDM Essentials     Toxic Biohazard Addon

  ASL SoundLab NeuroVision 3     Morphine Factory Addition     VEELA Vocals Resynthesized

  Black Octopus Biometric Harmor Presets     Poizone Controlled Substances     WiseLabs Bass Music

  Daniel Stawczyk Soundset     Sawer Factory Addition       Victoriya Vocals Resynthesized 

  Instrument Pack     Tevlo Vocals Resynthesized Harmor Presets