ALL Sample Pack Bundle

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  • Downloadable Versions only.
  • Sample content in WAV format, usable in different DAW.
  • No FL Studio registration needed or included


Sample Content Included:

  Amped     Viral Outbreak     Touchpads

  Axe Forge     VS Resurrection     Varazdin Orchestral

  Bass Case     Orchestral   Vocal

  Bass Mace     Poly-Mono     World

  Contagious Audio     Real Drumkits     Groove Bias

  Dream Pads     SFX     Impact Steel

  Generic Samples     Sliced Beats     Koto Nation

  Killer Tweaks     Sounds of India     Shreddage

  MK Digital Keys     Superdrums 8000     Shreddage Bass

  OB Resurrection     LOFI     Sitar Nation