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Atomic SFX - Dance Hits & Loops

'Atomic SFX' is a collection of only the most essential dance SFX ModeAudio has to offer, crafted with every flavour of electronic music in mind. From bleeps, whirrs, sweeps and glitches to explosions, drops and risers, this hit and loop pack contains the necessary fuel to rocket your music towards that euphoric climax. Also included are 8 sampler patches to help you get the party started.


Feel the thunder and enjoy the frenzy 'Atomic SFX' will bring to your music, as it delivers 175 production-ready risers, falls, sub drops, explosions impacts, reverses and glitches in one neat but volatile package. On top of the hits, 20 SFX loops and textures will help you shape the momentum and flow of your music.


From Bpm100 to 120, these vibrant, energetic sounds can be stretched and squeezed to suit the master tempo of your project. Batten down the hatches, strap yourself in and prepare for take-off - 'Atomic SFX' is going to blast your productions into the stratosphere! Product Details 155 SFX Hits 20 Percussive SFX Loops (Bpm100 - 120) 8 Sampler Patches (Drum Rack, Kong, NN-XT, EXS24, Maschine, Kontakt and more)



  • 155 One shot .wav samples (Not looped).
  • 8 Directwave patches (various one shot samples mapped across a key range).
  • 20 .wav Loops (Not sliced for use in the Playlist as Audio clips).
  • 23 .rx2 Loops (Sliced versions of the above loops for use in Slicex).
  • 3 Basic example FL Studio arrangment projects.


Analogue Experiments - Synth Loops & Textures

'Analogue Experiments' brings you the sound of unstable oscillators, mangled filters, hair-raising amplifiers and crackling faders - ModeAudio welcomes you to the world of a classic analogue synth on the edge of oblivion! Up from the depths comes 120 crazed synth loops courtesy of EMS Synthi A - one of the most characterful and intriguing analogue synths ever known.


Famed for having a mind of its own, ModeAudio has attempted to harness all the wonderful sonic chaos of this schizophrenic synth and the result is this set of 120 unique and unpredictable synth loops. Stand back - there's no telling what it'll do next! ModeAudio has been battered, bruised and zapped by the static, but out of the debris has come 'Analogue Experiments' featuring all of the inimitable artefacts of the Synthi A. From drifting oscillators to crosstalk and crackle, the beautiful insanity of this special synth is now at your disposal.


If you want to give your music an injection of demonic, analogue intensity, you've come to the right place. Everything from shrieks, shudders and pure bass to interference, clicks and whooshes is included in the pack - these are the truly expressive sounds of ModeAudio's favourite synth being pushed to the limit. Put on your lab coat and set the dials to 'Stun' with 'Analogue Experiments'!



  • 120 .wav Loops (Not sliced for use in the Playlist as Audio clips).
  • 129 .rx2 Loops (Sliced versions of the above loops for use in Slicex).


DS - Found Percussion Hits

A plethora of unexpected, interesting small percussion hits have been assembled by ModeAudio in 'Klang - Found Percussion Hits'. Sampling everyday objects being hit, scraped, tapped and shaken, this pack has an unusually organic, unique feel.


Everything from heavy, wooden thumps to ringing ceramics, and from soft paper rustles to jangling keys, are present. The sounds in 'Klang' have been sensitively recorded to provide maximum tweak-ability. A variety of microphones, including handmade contact mics, were pressed into service to capture a range of interesting perspectives.


The samples are arranged into folders representing low to high percussion groups, so that you can easily select sounds to use as kicks, rimshots, hi-hats, shakers and so on. There are also sampler and channel strip presets for your favourite DAW, so that you can get started straight away.


Now you'll wonder how you ever layered up a drum track without including a dash of real word percussion complexity! 'Klang' promises to change the way you think about percussion.



  • 150 One shot .wav samples (Not looped).
  • 8 Directwave patches (various one shot samples mapped across a key range).
  • 4 Basic example FL Studio loop projects and 4 mixer track effect presets.