Sleepless City

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Genre:  Ambient, R&B, Downtempo, Dubstep

ModeAudio brings you this Ambient epic pack, featuring 120 deep basslines, detailed drum loops, floating pads, uplifting synth leads and energetic guitar loops. Drum hits, MIDI patterns and DAW templates also await your midnight production sessions.


Invite this collision of soulful R&B and delicate Ambience into your music, shrouding your melodies, harmonies and rhythms in deep contemplation and passionate, yearning musicality. Discover new layers of atmosphere on your long, thoughtful walk through the 'Sleepless City'.


This detailed loop and sample library contains seven song Kits spread across folders of bass, drums and fills, pads, guitar riffs, synth leads and snare rolls, with many more sleepy and sensual loops included in each instrument folder. Featuring 120 loops complete with 110 MIDI counterparts, this expansive sample pack will infuse your music with nocturnal mystery. From the yearning and hopeful to the intense and rousing, these sounds will provide the perfect sonic backdrop for the dreamy city dweller.


Tempos range from a swaying 120 to a pulsing 156 BPM, giving you room to neatly fit these sounds in with your own production style. Also included are 63 drum hits and if you choose from the Ableton, Reason ReFill, Logic or FL Studio formats, you'll receive seven project templates for each of the song Kits. Take a chance, roll the dice - open up your music to the dark and dangerous world of 'Sleepless City'.



  • 50 Drum Loops (.wav)
  • 52 Drum Loops Sliced (.rex)
  • 50 Drum MIDI (.mid)
  • 70 Melodic Loops (.wav)
  • 73 Melodic Loops Sliced (.rex)
  • 60 Melodic MIDI (.mid)
  • 63 One Shot Drum samples (.wav)
  • 7 FL Studio Project files (.flp arranged audio loops)