WiseLabs Guitar Loops

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 All loops are in Cm key and cover a range of tempos from 100 BPM up to 190 BPM.
All sounds have been recorded clean as in direct input, with various playing techniques.
Ideal for any style from modern Dubstep & Drum'n'Bass, to classic Rock or Blues and anything you can imagine. This pack offers you some of the most incredible guitar riffs that will help you start or complete your productions.
Become a Rock star, unleash the beast and get ready to rock your productions!!
Overdrive the loops with the guitar amp presets that come with the effect version of Patcher inside FL Studio 12.


This pack includes:


100 BPM = 59 loops
110 BPM = 81 loops
120 BPM = 80 loops
130 BPM = 81 loops
140 BPM = 86 loops
150 BPM = 82 loops
160 BPM = 105 loops
170 BPM = 87 loops
180 BPM = 57 loops
190 BPM = 81 loops
Bonus (Acc. Guitar & E. Bass) = 72 loops

Total n° of loops : 871

DirectWave presets

6 presets + 184 audio samples

Demo Projects
2 projects by WiseLabs included for demonstration purposes only.
All rights reserved WiseLabs (c) 2018.


Example songs:


About WiseLabs

French electro artist WiseLabs is drawn to people that are making great contributions to the music culture, regardless of genre, what they play, or their level of popularity, as long as they live it and spread positivity. He specializes in creating audio weaponry in the fields of surgical editing, complex sound design and body disintegration beats.


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