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We join forces with Kilohearts to bring you a unique sonic playground.

Save 75% on the award-winning Phase Plant synth, creative multiband FX, convolution toys, and 15 preset packs (1,400+ total).

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Screenshot of Phase Plant
Semi-Modular Synth

Phase Plant

Multi-award-winning Phase Plant is the secret ingredient of countless top producers.

Semi-modular design, drag-and-drop wavetable creation, and a stunning sound library, ideal for creation and preset-surfing alike.

Product Features

Drag-and-drop effects section and easy patch creation

600+ presets

Screenshot of Unique Collection

Unique Collection

19 products, including Phase Plant.

Browse 1,400+ presets and build your own multiband effects.

From custom low-end compression to the perfect midrange-only vocal chorus – you decide.

Bundle includes

Phase Pant
Snap Heap

15 Content Banks (1,400+ total presets)

Play video
Introduction to Phase Plant by SeamlessR
Play video
Drum Design with Phase Plant by nanospiral
Photo of Madeon
"Multipass is the tool I reach for when I need to be limitless."
Photo of Jay Cactus
Jay Cactus
"Phase Plant opens up a whole new world of creative opportunities. The versatility of the synth allows me to create unique and powerful sounds with ease, there's endless possibilities!"
Photo of SeamlessR
"Phase Plant is a synth that I am really getting into quite a lot because it does a lot of audio processing junk. And it is awesome!"

Included in the Unique Collection

Four award-winning plugins: synthesis, multiband FX, and more
Screenshot of Phase Plant
Phase Plant
New era synthesis
Acclaimed semi-modular synth with 30 drag-and-drop effects, 600 presets, and powerful but accessible patch creation tools.
Screenshot of Multipass
Band-splitting multi-effect
Easy-to-use multiband processor. Try any combination of 30+ drag-and-drop effects across five frequency bands.
Screenshot of Snap Heap
Snap Heap
Effects playground
Design your own multi-effects and channel strips. Up to seven different FX chains, running in serial, parallel… or both!
Screenshot of Convolver
IR convolution
Convolution isn't just for reverb – apply the sonic characteristics of any sample you like to any other sound.
15 Phase Plant Content Banks
Adds 800+ additional presets
Cover for Headline
Top-of-the-bill sounds for peak-time tracks
Cover for Animus
Organic, score-ready patches – perfect for moody trap, hip hop, and more
Cover for Candy Milk
Candy Milk
Show-stealing, uber-pop presets to cut through any mix in any genre
Cover for For:Time
Wobble-heavy dubstep and bass gear from the maestro himself… P0gman
Cover for This Is Future Punk!!1!
This Is Future Punk!!1!
A euphoric mix of top-drawer EDM classics and thrash guitars
Cover for Microwave Proof
Microwave Proof
Chiptune-inspired, ravey goodness that could only have come from Japan
Cover for Bass Forge
Bass Forge
Every dubstep sound you wouldn’t introduce to your grandparents…
Cover for Cheat Code
Cheat Code
80s games: “Nothing sounds as good as us” Cheat Code: “Hold my joystick”
Cover for Astral Beings
Astral Beings
From psytrance staples to Chemical Brothers-style mainstage
Cover for New London
New London
A choice DnB selection that sounds more UK than King Charles III
Cover for Tremor
Ambient soundscapes and thoughtful tones to flesh out sterile arrangements
Cover for Crisis Design
Crisis Design
Big sounds for big tracks. Hardstyle and dubstep crews hold tight…
Cover for Transmission
An A-Z of timeless DnB classics, straight from the Black Sun Empire studio
Cover for Hardwire
Warm, fuzzy, analog-style 'nice' – the kind of stuff that's been pleasing ears since '64
Cover for Suspension
Evocative pads, keys, bass and atmospheres for those emotive interludes
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Kilohearts create forward-thinking, industry-leading, modular synth and processing software, prized by countless top artists and sound designers for a focus on creativity and workflow.

Best of all, like us, they promise Lifetime Free Updates.

Screenshot of Phase Plant
Semi-Modular Synth

Phase Plant

Acclaimed semi-modular synth.
Multi-award-winning Phase Plant is the secret ingredient of countless top producers.
Screenshot of Unique Collection

Unique Collection

19 products, including Phase Plant.
The ultimate sonic playground for sound creation, browsing, and processing.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get my stuff?
When you purchase Phase Plant or the Unique Collection you will receive a license code from us, then redeem it with Kilohearts. You will also be sent a video tutorial going through the entire installation process. If you have any problems, please create a support ticket.
System requirements
Operating system: Windows or macOS (Apple Silicon supported)
CPU: 2 GHz or faster
Memory: 1 GB or more
Software: Any DAW supporting VST2, VST3, AAX, or Audio Unit plugins – 64-bit only
Do I need anything else (e.g. iLok)?
No, there’s no need for anything else.