FL Studio Mobile does not collect or transmit any personally identifiable data. It does contact and exchange information with our servers as explained below:


At start-up FL Studio Mobile contacts Image-Line Servers with an FL Studio Mobile generated GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) and the list of any in-app purchases owned. The GUID is a complex, semi-random, string of alphanumeric characters followed by a list of in-app product codes. There is no personal or personally identifiable information in this data.


The purpose of the transaction of information is to allow you to share in-app purchases between installations across operating system App platforms (Android, iOS and Windows Apps). For example, if you purchase ‘Transistor Bass’ on the Android, this can be unlocked on the iOS and Windows platforms, if and when, their GUIDs are linked to the same Image-Line account.


If you do not have an account, nothing is done with this information. The server responds to FL Studio Mobile that the installation is not registered to Image-Line. Next time you open the App you will see a message asking you to register FL Studio Mobile.


If you use the REGISTER button, you are taken to the Image-Line Account Creation Page. Your GUID and in-app purchases are included at the time of account creation and logged to your account.


Any personal information Image-Line collects is explicitly provided by you when you create an Account. From the point of Account creation, the following policies and standards apply: