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Drumaxx 1.1.1 Update

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Drumaxx 1.1.1 Update

Image of the Drumaxx plugin user interface.Drumaxx's new features and bugfixes include:

- New Self Oscillating Filter (SOF)  

- New 'Import Sequencer pattern'

- Fixed Logic compatibility

- Fixed pattern loading

- Fixed wrong key triggering

The SOF section will help you create some thumping electro kicks and great snare sounds.

'Friday Nights' Remix contests and the winners are...

We had a fantastic response to the second remix contest with 191 entries. You can see the winning project in action or check out them all at the competition Looptalk thread. Congratulations to:

1st - Madeon RMX (France)

2nd - John Rios RMX (Colombia)

3rd - D-Vision RMX (Finland)

Over 4000 Drumaxx sold & our Haiti pledge

Image of the earth globe with an insert of where Hiati is situated.We promised in the Drumaxx 'Pay what you think it's worth' sale to donate $1USD to a Haiti charity for each Drumaxx sold. We are pleased to announce that we have donated $4018 USD to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, healthcare exclusion and natural or man-made disasters.

So what was Drumaxx worth to you? The most paid for Drumaxxwas $125 (thanks Ronald) so, in the spirit of giving, we refunded the money back to his account.

Complete our survey & get an Image-Line plugin

We made some changes in the 9.1 Browser to help users 'browse' presets and samples. That is, pressing F5/F6 step back/forward through the Browser item list and load it into the last touched plugin.

We want your input. There are only so many function and other keys to go around, did we make the right decision?  

Participate in our survey by May 31st and you will be in the draw to score any Image-Line plugin of your choice. We will draw 3 lucky participants.

Buy bundles and save 30% or more

Image of our web shop and the Plugin Bundle product selection screen.The Image Line store has been refurbished, shiny and new for the rush of bargain hunters. To give you better value we added Gol's & Sample CD bundles. Shown right is the 30% discount you will get if you buy 4 or more products. Click on the image to go to the Image Line shop and check out the deals for yourself. Just scan down the items and click on the Gol's or Sample CD bundle to see the details.

'ballistic drummer' charity drive

Fellow FL Studio user (de la Mancha) is selling the Ballistic Drummer plugin an donating 100% of proceeds to Cancer Research UK. He writes:

"ballistic is a 15 slot drum sample player designed to get you making beats quickly without a million parameters to adjust. I am donating 100% of sales of ballistic to this charity. If you buy ballistic for $10, I will donate that $10 directly to Cancer Research UK and you get a new plugin and a set of samples from some top sample providers. Sounds like a pretty good deal no?

Click on the ballistic drummer image learn more.

Watch out for ...

So with FL Studio 9.1 out what can you look forward to? Well, something many of you have been asking for is a bigger mixer. So, here's a sneak peak at an alpha Mixer scheduled for FL 9.x.

Image of the new FL Studio 9 Wide Mixer user interface.


The 'Wide Mixer View' will be optional in FL 9.x


FL Studio 9.1 Update!


Download the installer here.

Image of the FL Studio 9.1 graphical user interface.


Lifetime Free Updates, you gotta love 'em. FL Studio 9.1 includes some great new additions including Fruity Convolver (see below) & Drumpad. The Guru has uploaded a video here with his top 10 picks. What? No Lifetime Free Updates! You can get them here in our shop for $39 USD.

Fruity Convolver is a real-time, no latency convolution reverb plugin included free with FL Studio 9.1. Convolution allows you to sample the acoustic 'fingerprint' of audio audio gear or a real acoustic space, then apply this to your projects.

Drumpad is another great FL 9.1 freebie, so don't be too sad if you missed the Drumaxx sale. Drumpad is the drum modelling engine from Drumaxx in a handy Channel-ready package. Just load a Drumpad for each sound you want to use and fire away with the stepsequencer or Piano roll.

Finally, if the letters APDC mean anything to you FL 9.1 has a surprise in store. Well not much of a surprise now we just told you about it. :) Look under the Mixer Menu options.


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