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FL Studio 9.6 Beta!

Friday, October 1, 2010

FL Studio 9.6 Beta!


Download the installer from here.


 Click the image to see the video.


FL Studio 9.6 Notable Changes


The beta incorporates a number of enhancements and new features based on ongoing development and customer input, including :


- Horizontal zoom - improved Playlist, Piano roll & Event Editor

- Piano roll - vertical zoom now possible & note properties view

- Note handle - On note selection to rescale length

- Piano roll wave-display - Align notes to audio events

- Magic lasso - Circle mouse around notes and clips to select

- Autosave / Autobackup - See F10 File options

- Browser Autohide - See the Browser menu options.

- Lock Playlist tracks to clips - Mimics Block-tracks

- Shift + Mouse Wheel - Move Channels & Tracks

- Playlist Preview Tool - Preview Clips with the Playback tool  


Value Plugin Bundle

This collection contains our best selling & most loved plugins :

- Drumaxx

- Gross Beat

- Harmless

- Maximus
- Toxic-Biohazard

- Morphine

- PoiZone

- Sawer
- Sytrus

The total price depends on your selection of plugins. Until the 5th of Novemberselect 4 (or more) plugins and receive a 50%discount on the regular price of the plugins in the bundle.

Your Studio

We created a Flickr Slideshow with over 90 photos of customer studios uploaded to Looptalk. Click on the image to see more.

Spencer Steelpondering the merits

of the Wide Mixer

If you would like your studio to be added to the slide-show please visit the 'My Studio' thread in Looptalk and upload your best shot. You get bonus points for appearing in the image and double bonus points for a picture of FL Studio in an interesting or famous location.

    Click the above to vote

Everyone casting a vote in the SOS awards will be automatically entered into the SE Electronics 10th Anniversary Great Microphone Giveaway, with a chance to win one of three microphone-bundle prizes collectively worth over £18,000 (that's like a million USD nowadays!). Categories include: Audio interfaces, DAW software, Plugins, Controllers, Synths, Monitors, Mics, Headphones etc...

Video Tutorials

We've listed the most popular Video Tutorials and put them in Playlists.

Click on the image right to see the list.


If you have suggestions for future tutorials let the FL Studio Guru know here in Looptalk.

Watch out for ...

Deckadance 1.72 adds support for Dj-Tech Pocket Dj, Dj-Tech uSolo Fx. Modified MIDI mapping for jogs in Hercules Dj Console MK2/MP3 models.


Get_the_Deckadance 1.72 update



PitCHER is a real-time pitch correction plugin we are beta testing in the latest FL Studio beta (betas squared!).

PitCHER will Autocorrect or Harmonize

  • Autocorrect your vocals
  • Select and force vocals to a scale
  • Correct/Harmonize using the Piano roll
  • Correct/harmonize playing live keyboard

Don't be a Pain and Heap this effect on your tracks when you Cher them with friends, ok?


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