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Deckadance 1.8

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Image of the new Song Manager interface. Link to the news item about this addition to Deckadance.Deckadance 1.8

Big news is the Song Manager:

The Song Manager is designed to help organize your songs easily and quickly. Click the image right to read the full article.

Deckadance has the widest support for MIDI controllers in the industry. DD 1.8 supports the following brands: Allen&Heath, American Audio, Bheringer, DJ-Tech, EKS, Hercules, iCon, Kontrol-DJ, M-Audio, Numark, Omnitronic, OpenLabs, Percussa, Reloop, Stanton, SYNQ, Vestax, Nintendo Wii & General MIDI.


FL Studio 9.7 Beta!


Download the installer from here.


image of the FL Studio 9.7 beta interface. Link to the news item about the new version.

 Click the image to see the video.


FL Studio 9.7 Notable Changes


The beta incorporates a number of enhancements and new features based on ongoing development and customer input, including :


- Newtone - Pitch correction editor beta (see opposite).

- Pitcher - Live pitch correction plugin. Beta 2.

- Preview Playlist Clips - Alt + Right click Clip.

- New Pattern Button - On Stepsequencer.

- Ctrl + Middle Mouse - Resize Playlist tracks.

- Playlist - Left+Shift swaps Pencil and Brush tools.

- Piano roll - Sift + H or J cycles through used Channels.

- Project files - Local paths now saved in project.

- ...



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The new moving Image-Line logo needs some sound. Link to the forum topic about this contest

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Pitch This!


NEWTONE & PITCHER Bundle - Pay what you think they're worth!

Save money on buying Newtone. Image of the Newtone interface as a wrapped present.Pay what you want for Newtone AND Pitcher . That's right, try the demos in the FL Studio 9.7 Beta and then go to our Shop where you can pay whatever you like and get BOTH...

Newtone (editor) is a pitch and time correction, manipulation editor. Fully integrated with FL Studio for the most efficient work flow.

image of the Newtone interface. Link to the news item about the Newtone plugin.

Newtone - professional correction

- Auto correct your vocals

- Create harmonies & new tunes

- Full integration with FL Studio

Pitcher (effect) is a real-time pitch correction and manipulation plugin first released with FL Studio 9.6 Beta. This time it gains a new user interface and more advanced features.

image of the Pitcher interface. Link to the news item about the new Pitcher plugin.

Pitcher - live pitch control


- Autocorrect vocals & instruments live

- Correct/Harmonize using the Piano roll

- Correct/harmonize playing live keyboard


Newtone & Pitcher (betas), test and report!


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image of the FL Studio logo as shown at the start of FL Guru video’s. Links to the Guru video page


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