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No DOB - IL Virtual Cash available?

Thursday, February 23, 2012


We have updated the MY ACCOUNT page at Image-Line.
While we were working back there we noticed:


  • IL VCash - You may have forgotten to use your FL Studio box version 9 / $49 Image-Line Virtual Cash (IL VCash).
  • Personal data - We plan to use birthday data to reward customers, so check your info is updated.
Date of Birth screenshot


Use IL VCash to purchase FL Studio Lifetime Free Updates for just $39, Sample Packs or combine it with a regular payment.

Don't forget to check your personal info for correct birthday and address.

After logging in visit our shop to use your IL VCash. We have several Knowledge Base articles to get you started:

1. What is IL VCash

2. How to use IL VCash

3. How to boost IL VCash with other payments

For details on how to download and update FL Studio check this video.


If you have any problems using your IL VCash please create a support ticket.