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FL Studio 12.1 released & Demo song contest

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


FL Studio 12.1 is out now. We've been listening closely to customer feedback to improve workflow and help users make the transition from FL Studio 11 to 12 AND there's even more new features:


  • FL Studio ASIO - Avoid audio lockouts with other Apps

  • Mixer - Full color & routing from the Channel Rack

  • Plugin management - The 'More...' option is back!

  • 4 HQ Drumkits - Load from FPC

  • 2 HQ Pianos - Close Grand & Stage Grand

  • X-Y-Z Controller - Touch Z-Y-Z control

  • Video Player 2 - Supports most video formats + SMTPE

  • VFX Key Splitter - Patcher keyboard routing plugin

  • Launchpad Pro - Native support

  • + much more...


FL Studio includes Lifetime Updates. Click the image above to grab the download and to see the What's New VIDEO.




Create a FL Studio demo track and get heard by millions of people world-wide.  


  • Create a song using FL Studio

  • VEELA will add her vocals to the winning track

  • Released as a demo x 30,000 downloads per day!  


Click the image above to learn more or just to hear the entries so far.


Seven Lions on FL Studio



Find out why Seven Lions uses FL Studio and how he creates some of the most beautiful and complex sounds in EDM today.