MiniSynth bridges the sonic gap between FL Studio for Windows and FL Studio Mobile (iOS,Android,Windows). It’s included free with FL Studio. Great sounds made simple.


FL Studio Plugin

FL MiniSynth (Click for larger image)

FL Studio Plugin

FL MiniSynth (Click for larger image)


FL Studio Plugin
FL MiniSynth (Click for larger image)


FL Studio Mobile 3 (color differs by channel used)
FLM3 MiniSynth (Click for larger image)

Use Minisynth in FL Studio and FL Studio Mobile


MiniSynth is available for both FL Studio Mobile (different look, same functions) and FL Studio for PC, sharing identical program code. MiniSynth, great sounds made simple. 

MiniSynth has a low processor overhead designed with mobile CPU constraints in mind. That doesn't mean MiniSynth is lacking in capability tho, just check the audio demos on this page. With 6 tabs, each holding just a few chunky controls, it's perfect when working with a touch interface and keeps everything clearly laid out for new users learning subtractive synthesis.

MiniSynth is included FREE with FL Studio (11.0.5 upwards) and is used when converting FL Studio Mobile projects to FL Studio format. Even if you don't use FL Studio Mobile, you will find MiniSynth a great addition to your library.

FL Studio Mobile 3:

In FL Studio Mobile 2, Minisynth looked exactly the same as in FL Studio desktop.

The new FL Studio Mobile 3 program has a new look for all synths, also for Minisynth.
Minisynth will change color depending on the channel you use it in. The features all stayed the same.
More information in the FL Studio Mobile 3 manual.

Key Features:

  • Advanced multi-mode oscillator
  • Oscillator Envelope
  • Filter
  • Filter Envelope
  • Low Frequency Oscillator
  • Effects: Delay, Chorus, Phaser, Distortion

System requirements

  • FL Studio version 11.0.5 and up
  • Plugin needs an FL Studio program registration - General FL Studio system requirements apply

  • For FL Studio Mobile: iOS, Android or Windows app version (in FL Studio Mobile 2 only available in iOS version)

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Check out some MiniSynth demos here from Aura Qualic and Youlean and don't forget the demo player on the top-right of this page