Patcher (Free) - Chain effects and or plugins to create complete chains that can be quickly loaded in new projects.




Patcher (Free in FL Studio registration)
Chain effects and or plugins

This plugin is included in FL Studio by default.


Infinite combinations

Patcher will load as an Instrument or Effect and will allow you to create chains of plugins of unlimited complexity. Useful for saving your favourite instrument/effect chains for use in future projects.

Patcher is included free with all FL Studio Edition registrations.

Key Features

  • Add effects to the path even when Patcher is a Channel.
  • Create parallel & linear chains of any complexity.
  • Change the volume by dragging along links
  • Automate plugin parameters with Control objects.
  • Save the chain preset for use in future projects.
  • Use Patcher as an effect. Create favorite effects chains or exceed 8-effects per track.

System requirements