Toby Emerson

How did you get involved in creating music ?

Toby Emerson

I started playing piano at a fairly young age but didn’t really get into the electronic music production side of things until I hit high school. I discovered how easy it was to create music using only a computer and a keyboard and everything just took off from there. Somehow along the way I managed to turn my hobby into to an actual career.

Who (& which albums) did you work with so far ? Any pics ?

I have produced probably close to 100 songs so far (both originals and remixes) for record labels such as Lost Language, Sony Music Canada, System Recordings, Pangea Records, Sola Records, and Odeon Records to name a few. My original tracks Rapture and Can You Feel the Music have been doing well on the Beatport charts and making their way on to several radio stations and DJ sets. I have remixed artists such as Andy Moor, Space Manouevers, Headstrong, Emortal feat. Tiff Lacey, and MC Mario. I have also worked for a lot of Canadian labels and artists and Labels in which my work has landed on Vinyl and various compilation CDs (Z103.5 Street Mix 2, Trance Divas, Club Hits 2005). Recently I have just formed duo with Tom Day and we call ourselves Solid Inc. Fairly soon there will be a city, or possibly a country filled with supermodels named after us.

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FL Studio project …


Check out two FL Studio projects

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How did you end up using FL Studio ?

I found the demo while searching on the internet for a program that I could create drumloops with. I ended up finding FL studio and have been hooked ever since. It is more addictive than crack (not that I have tried that).

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What does FL Studio mean in your current setup ?

FL Studio is my main tool and I’d say I use it for 95% of my work. I also have a Roland XP30 synthesizer, a Virus TI, and a big collection of VST instruments. All of my sequencing, arranging, mixing, and mastering is done within FL Studio.

What are the advantages or disadvantages of using hardware & software ?

Hardware is definitely a little more impractical as opposed to software to me. Software lets you get your ideas down very quickly which is very important in the music creation process. The main problem I have with software is running out of processing power but as technology advances this problem should be taken care of. It seems that most hardware these days is being replaced with software counterparts.