Autogun is a universe of sounds waiting to be discovered. Based on the Ogun synthesizer engine and Soundgoodizer effects processor, Autogun contains 4,294,967,296 presets (four billion, two hundred ninety four million, nine hundred sixty seven thousand, two hundred ninety six), most of which have never been heard by man (or woman...are there girls here? Quick, get their phone numbers!).

Options & Controls

Maximizing Performance

Autogun generally presents a low CPU load to the host, however it is possible to experience audio dropouts during real-time playback while the average CPU load still appears low, due to a non-uniform CPU usage. This non-uniformity comes from the, sometimes heavy, FFT processing for the harmonic series. Autogun generally uses high 'richness' settings (see Ogun synthesis controls), although some patches are set a little lower (and will stress your CPU less). If a patch is causing problems the best strategy is to increase the buffer latency. Either that OR dry your eyes, suck it in and select another patch...after all, there are another 4 billion+ to choose from :)

Plugin Credits

Code & GUI: Didier Dambrin.

VSTi Port: Reflex.

Presets: Ginsu, The Enforcer, William P, donatello.

Inspired by: PADsynth by Nasca Octavian Paul.