Chrome Chrome is a visualization plugin that allows you to trigger graphical events using the Piano roll, MIDI controller or automation clips. Before using chrome you may need to run the Start > Programs > Image-Line > FL Studio > Advanced > Graphics Tester, to see if your graphics card is Chrome compatible and unlock the plugin. This is done to avoid unexpected system instability.

Scene Controls


Use this control to rotate and view the scene from various angles. The camera may be moved around the X axis (Tilt), Y axis (Rotation), and translation along the Z axis (Zoom).

Scene Selector

Click the arrow buttons on the Scene Selector box to change the scene. Left-clicking the scene text will open a menu of available scenes. The scene selector is also automatable.

Scene Parameters

To change the parameters of the scene there are two control methods; 1) Scene Parameter knobs (automatable) and 2) Piano roll. These parameter sets are configured individually for each scene and are described below.

Preload Scene

Switch - On when lit. Using multiple scenes within a project, it is useful to have the used scenes load when the project loads, and not when they are first displayed (as is the default). Marking a scene with the Preload button causes it to be loaded on project load, the next time you open the project.


The Quality Slider trades off visual quality of the scene in return for better performance/lower CPU usage.

Object Properties

Object/text options

Chrome allows up to 16 text messages or objects to be displayed over the current scene.

Position Knobs

The position controls allow changes to the position and rotation of the object in all 6 degrees of freedom, 3 axes and 3 angles.


The effect controls govern the overall appearance of the object/s.

Fullscreen Control

NOTE: While the cursor is hidden, the camera can still be adjusted by clicking and dragging on the screen. The 'Auto Fullscr' button causes the plugin to go into 'full screen' mode whenever the project is played back.

Plugin Credits: Michael Pote