FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile 3 is a complete music production environment that works as an App on Android, iOS and Windows platforms plus as an FL Studio native plugin. In this way you can work on your mobile projects while on-the-go then continue in FL Studio and take them to the next level.

You can see all Video Tutorials here and check the FL Studio Mobile support forum here. It's a great place to ask questions and to get additional free content. To access the forums tap HELP > Users & support forums. If this is your first time accessing the page, you will be asked to register to gain access. If you already have an Image-Line Account make sure to use the same login details.

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FL Studio Mobile works on Android, iOS and Windows (App and FL Studio plugin).


FL Studio Mobile is designed to work on any screen from the size of a phone to TV sized touch-monitors. Each FL Studio Mobile 3 Playlist track has an associated 'Rack'. This can contain any number of instrument AND effects plugins. The only limit is your CPU power. There are now also automation-clip style tracks that can be edited just as you can now in FL Studio for the desktop.



Registration, why it's important!

When you first tap HELP > Users & Support forums, we ask you to register your device to your Image-Line Account.

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Credits: Maxx Claster, Daniel Schaack, Arlo Giunchi