Fruity DX10

Fruity DX10 is an 8-voice polyphonic FM synth (Frequency Modulation) and is designed for high quality (low aliasing) sound and low processor usage. This plugin is an enhanced version of Paul Kellett's DX10 FM synth.

FM synthesis involves modulating the pitch of one oscillator (waveform) with another. If the modulator is of high enough frequency, rather than hearing a rising and falling pitch, you hear a new 'tone'.

FM created a sensation in the mid 80's when it enabled sounds like realistic bells, piano and acoustic bass to be synthesized for the first time.

Click the piano keyboard icon at the top right corner of the interface to show/hide the keyboard in Fruity DX10's interface.

See the DX10 video tutorial here.


Misc Section

Amplitude Section

Contains controls to set the volume envelope of the sound

Modulation Sections

Show/Hide Keyboard switch

Shows/hides the keyboard.

Plugin Credits: Paul Kellett (original code), Frederic Vanmol (conversion), Didier Dambrin (interface)