Fruity Delay 3

Fruity Delay 3 is an advanced 'analog' style delay plugin where its time can be automated and that can perform tempo-synced delay when the project BPM is changing. It includes filtering and distortion options for the delay echoes and can be driven into self-oscillation (feedback) for special effects. Delay 3 Tutorial Video.

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Delay Time

Delay Model



The modulation source is a sine wave shape. The target will be modulated above and below the set point accordingly:

NOTE: You can of course use any internal modulation source to control any parameter on Delay 3. So get creative with Patcher. Try linking an LFO Internal controller from the Peak Controller plugin to the Time parameter for tempo synced modulation, for example.


Feedback Distortion

The delay echoes can be distorted on each pass, according to the following controls. Delay 3 uses a waveshaping distortion model. Learn more about waveshaping here. Waveshaping is also useful to avoid the feedback volume going so high that it clips your project or overloads the master limiter.


Plugin Credits: Daniel Schaack (Code), Miroslav Krajcovic (GUI).