Newtone is a pitch-correction and time manipulation editor. Slice, warp, correct, edit vocals, instrumentals and other recordings. A Newtone Video Tutorial series is available. A related plugin for live pitch manipulation is Pitcher.

Pitch Mode

The default mode analyzes the file to show pitch, vertical position, and volume, height of notes.

Detected notes display as blocks on the Piano roll. Note volume appears as a background waveform. There are three indicators:

  1. Orange rectangles show the average pitch for the detected note.
  2. Orange shaded blocks indicate the nearest semi-tone.
  3. Orange line displays the detected pitch at each point.

Global Pitch Control Knobs

Mode Buttons

From left to right:

Editing Pitch

Editing options include:

Warp Editor Overview

To swap to Warp Mode select the Time-Warp Icon as indicated ot select the Disk icon and then 'Time warping from the menu. You will be asked if you want to save any pitch correction edits before changing mode. Warp mode is designed to work primarily with non-pitched, rhythmic content. See a Newtone Audio Quantization Tutorial.

In warp mode the Global Pitch Control knobs are replaced by:

Editing in Time Warping Mode

General Editor Functions

These operations apply to the editor:

Title-bar Options






Create Score

Save as

Drag selection

Send selection to Playlist


Pitch/Time manipulation engine by: Zplane

Code & GUI: Frederic Vanmol.

Title-bar skin: Didier Dambrin.