Patcher loads as an instrument or effect and allows you to chain both instruments and effects into complete units for reuse in other projects. Set up your favorite instrument & effects chain for example. You can also use it to add unlimited effects or instruments in a single Channel or Effects slot. Related plugins: Control Surface, Fruity Layer and Minihost Modular.

NOTE: The workspace is resizable, drag on the window to resize OR drag an object to the edge of the workspace to auto-resize..

Patcher Controls

Data Links Filters

(Left-Click) to switch filter groups On/Off. (Middle Mose-Click) to Solo/Unsolo a filter group.

NOTE: Placing the mouse cursor over Link Nodes will show their name in the Hint Bar. type.

Working with links

Events or MIDI to FX plugins

If you need to get MIDI data to an Instrument plugin that's loaded on Patcher in an FX slot, then:

  1. Load a MIDI Out channel and set it to 'Port 5', for example.
  2. Right click the 'From FL Studio' icon
  3. Select Patcher > Outputs > Events and activate 'Port 5'.
  4. Make the Event connection from FL Studio to the Plugin as normal.

Saving/Loading Patcher Presets


There are two tab types. The Map which is the main workspace and layout window for the Patcher project and the Control Surfaces that hold internal controllers for the project. These can be renamed, right-click the control-surface icon on the Map tab, to better reflect their use. You can add as many Control Surfaces as you need to the project.


The MAP tab allows you to build the plugin & or effects chain.

Right-click Map Menu

Control Surface

The CONTROL SURFACE tab/s allow you to add real-time controls that can be linked to plugins in the Map chain. Parameter objects can be linked to plugins by Right-clicking the plugin on the MAP tab and activating a Parameter by Right-clicking on the plugin. Right-click a control to automate it from this tab. You can add as many separate Control Surface tabs as needed to a project. In the image above there are two Control Surfaces, one has been renamed 'Wub this'.

NOTE: You can create your own custom controls with the Control Creator tool. Right-click the Map and select Control creator to open it.

Working on the Control Surface tab:

Patcher Voice Effects Plugins

To add VFX Note Mapper to the Patcher project, dragging from the Browser > Effects > Voice category and drop on the Patcher Map. For fast linking drop on the Events link into the plugin you would like to control. VFX can't be used in FL Studio Channel or Effects slots so they are not generally made visible in the plugin lists. The VFX plugins include:

Plugin Credits: Frederic Vanmol