Slicex uses advanced beat detection algorithms to slice song/percussion samples into pieces and make them independently playable from the Piano roll or controller. If the wave file contains slice/region data this will be automatically used instead of the beat-detection algorithm. Slicex offers playback, reordering of slices and time-stretching capabilities optimized for drum loops. Related plugins are the Fruity Slicer and Edison. Tutorial videos here.

Using Slicex

This section is a quick-start guide to using Slicex and covers some of the most common issues new users encounter.

Quick start

Answers to common questions people want to know about using Slicex:

Manipulating Regions (Slices)

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Master Panel

Articulation Panel

Wave Editor

Keyboard & Piano roll Controls

Plugin Credits -

Code & GUI: Didier Dambrin.

Script compiler: paxCompiler