Troubleshooting FAQ

This section gives you the tools to answers common questions and problems that may occur while working in FL Studio. Please, read this carefully before posting about problems in the tech-support message board. regardless of the problem, we have found two main things resolve the majority of user issues -

  1. Make sure your settings (F10) are correct. There is a setup wizard in this help-file to guide you through the basic steps if this area of the program is new.
  2. Reset FL Studio settings, this can solve many, seemingly impossible to solve, problems and works by clearing erroneous or corrupt setup-data.

Online knowledge base

If your answer is not above then we have extensive online web help:

  1. This manual - can be searched on several levels, check the INDEX and SEARCH tabs to the left of the text window. Video tutorials here.
  2. The Knowledge Base. This contains a searchable database of common problems with the forums, registration and FL Studio.
  3. Search FL Studio community forums. It's possible that your problem has already been discussed. Try searching the forums.
  4. The Tech Support Forum. Please be patient if you post there, we work through the posts several times per day. Staff are based in Europe and the USA.
  5. Back-office Technical Support Team. Here you can create a create a traceable support-ticket. This link is primarily for registration and purchase problems.
  6. Video Tutorials - We have lots of useful step-by step video tutorials, try searching our channel and also check the Playlist section.

Known bugs & limitations:

  • VST plugins crash. Some will crash randomly after being loaded. Some crash because a field full of cows at the Campazu Dairy have aligned and are all facing North West. You will probably get even more crashes from the DirectX plugins (that are not known for stability). If VST plugins crash your computer, we're not responsible, although there may be Wrapper & FL Studio settings that can improve stability. We are also willing to investigate common failures (report it in Tech Support). Also note that plugins are .dll's, small independent programs with their own code, meaning they can also contain viruses or malicious code, not to scare you or anything. It's all care and no responsibility here at Image-Line with respect to VST software you run inside FL Studio :)