Useful Links

This page contains a list of useful links.

Image-Line Links

  • FL website - The FL Studio Home Page.
  • Knowledge Base - Search for solutions to problems.
  • FL Studio Help - This help file on-line. Read the manual anywhere, anytime.
  • YouTube Videos - Image-Line's YouTube Channel.
  • Downloads page - All the latest Image-Line demo installers on one page, just waiting for your regcode to unlock them.
  • Merchandise - Caps, shirts, bears, underwear, mugs, bags, robots!
  • Image-Line Forums* - All the forums you have access to.
  • Shop - Buy FL Studio and other plugins.
  • Loop Talk* - Forum for user open discussion on all things relating to FL Studio.
  • Tech Support* - Forum where you can leave a technical question to be answered by FL Staff. This is not available to Demo users as tens of thousands of people download the demo each month.
  • Song Exchange* - Share FL Studio projects/songs with other users.
  • Video Tutorials* - Tutorials (Interface, Channel Rack, Playlist, Piano roll, Effects, Mixer, MIDI controllers, FPC & MPD16, Recording audio, Loop recording, Automation clips, Layers, Advanced Piano roll, Sytrus, Time stretching, Vocoding, Rewire, FL as plugin, Wave editor, etc).
  • Sample Fusion* - Download a huge library of free samples, FPC kits (Misc downloads) and FL Keys libraries. Since FL Studio is mainly sold via download we can't include all the samples we would like, so get them here. FPC and DirectWave can access Sample Fusion directly from the Content Library
  • Plugin & Preset Forums* - Forums dedicated to sharing patches and patch creation for all Image-Line synths.
  • Epic Sound Recreation Forum* - Forum dedicated to recreating popular music tracks in FL Studio.

* To access the Image-Line forums you must first log into your account - Click here to create a free Image-Line account. After logging in you can read all posts and download files. Only customers who have purchased FL Studio, or other products, have posting priveleges.

Third-Party Links

Image-line is not responsible for the content on these sites or the consequences of downloading and running any software you may find on them.

  • KVR - This site is a one-stop resource for plugin reviews, news and links to free/commercial plugins.
  • ASIO4ALL - 3rd party ASIO drivers that *may* help you to work around problems with audio devices that don't ship with factory ASIO drivers. ASIO is required to record audio into FL Studio.
  • The freesound project - is the worlds largest database of Creative Commons licensed sounds.
  • LibriVox - All LibriVox recordings are in the public domain, this means people can do anything they like with them. A useful source of Vocodex modulator audio.