Help Menu

The Help menu contains commands for access to this reference system and other help documents.


  • Help Index (F1) - Opens this help system. If you are using FL Studio offline, download the offline help. See here for details.


  • Product information - Click here to find out more about Image-Line products.
  • Paste registration key - For 'Box' customers. If you have not yet registered FL Studio via the internet, this will allow you to paste in your registration key that shipped with your Boxed version of FL Studio.
  • Register access to website - Takes you to the 'MY ACCOUNT' section of the Image-Line website.

Internet links

  • Create your own (music) website - A link to the homepage of EZ Generator, Image-Line's web development program. And you thought we only make music software? :)
  • FL Studio diagnostic tool - A link to a Diagnostic Tool to help tech-support understand any problems you may be having. The tool also has some FLP recovery features to help you recover corrupted projects.
  • FL Studio homepage - FL Studio website.
  • FL Studio mobile - FL Studio Mobile website (Android, iOS and Windows App).
  • FL Studio tutorials - Links to the Image-Line YouTube video tutorials channel.
  • Image-Line - Global Image-Line website, the mothership!
  • LAME .mp3 encoder homepage - Take you to the homepage of LAME .mp3 Encoder. LAME .mp3 Encoder is integrated in FL Studio and can be used to export .mp3 files. Despite the name, this is arguably the best quality encoder available.
  • SoftVoice Text-to-Speech homepage - A link to the Softvoice Inc. website, the speech synth as used in FL Studio.


  • About... - Opens the 'About' box to display version number, credits, program unlock etc. When registered, your license will show where noted.

  • Unlock FL Studio - There are two methods. If your computer is online, use the 'Unlock with account' method, it's the fastest way:
    • Unlock with account (Online method) - Enter your Image-Line Account login, agree to terms & click 'Unlock with account'. FL Studio will restart and your installation will be unlocked.

    • Unlock with file (Offline method) - Use 'Unlock with file' to unlock an offline installation using your 'FLRegkey.Reg' file, downloaded from your Image-Line Account. After restarting FL Studio your installation will be unlocked.