Menu Bar & Panels

Menu Bar

Click on the menu item to jump to the help for that menu.


FL Studio panels are located at the top of the screen in the Tool Bar area, and provide quick access to many commands and options. Many of these commands are also available in FL Studio menus and windows. Click on the panel of interest below to see the help for that panel.

NOTE: Click on the above image for help on that panel.

Right-Click Controls (on empty area)

  • Toolbar Panels - Select to show/hide the panels as listed (Transport, Snap, Pattern, Output monitor, CPU, Time, Online, Shortcut 1 to 3 and Hint).
  • Lock (Shift+F11) - Prevents panels from being moved. When panels are unlocked you can drag them off the Toolbar. This allows you to place them anywhere on the screen.
  • Hide (Ctrl+F11) - Hide all Panels and the Toolbar itself.