Online Panel


The Online panel has two functions:
  • Online news-feed - The panel will display news and announcements from Image-Line but will not activate until it is clicked for the first time. Windows / macOS may warn you that a program is trying to access the internet. This is normal as the News Panel works by displaying an Image-Line managed RSS (internet) feed inside FL Studio. Keep an eye on the News Panel for updates and new content. The News Panel will not communicate with the RSS feed when the panel is hidden or disabled (see below). Of course, you need an active internet connection to use this function.
    • To open the panel - Left-click the panel menu to display the drop-down menu of news and announcements from Image-Line. The newest item is displayed at the top of the list and is visible in the panel when the menu is closed.
    • To select an item - Left-click it.
    • To activate/deactivate the panel - click the 'Enable online news' option at the bottom of the list.
  • Content Library - Open the Content Library by clicking the icon as shown above. For more information see the dedicated Content Library help.