Shortcut Panels

There are three Shortcut panels to provide quick access to frequently used functions. You can add any number of functions to each panel. Turn panels on or off by Right-clicking on the toolbar and selecting them or from the Menu > View > Toolbars.

NOTE: Dragging content over the main window buttons (Playlist, Channel Rack, Piano roll) will bring these windows to the front if they are not already visible.


Right-click panels to select options. NOTE: Some buttons also have Right-click alternative actions these are indicated after the /.

View Playlist (F5) - Shows/hides the Playlist window. Right-click to maximize Playlist.
View Piano roll (F7) - Shows/hides the Piano roll window. Right-click to maximize Piano roll.
View Channel Rack / Step Sequencer (F6) - Shows/hides the Channel Rack / Step Sequencer window.
View Mixer (F9) - Shows/hides the Mixer window.
View Browser (Alt+F8) / Plugin picker (F8) - Shows/hides the Browser window. Right-click to open the Plugin Picker.
Open Project picker (Ctrl+F8) / Plugin Picker (F8) - Project picker explained. Right-click to open the Plugin Picker.
Open Plugin picker (F8)/ Project picker (Ctrl+F8) - Open the Plugin Picker. Right-click to open the Project Picker.
View Tap Tempo - Open the Tempo Tapper.
View Touch Controllers (Alt+F7) - Open the Touch Keyboard / Pads.
Arrange - Opens the View > Layout > Arrange windows options.
Save As (Ctrl+Shift+S) - Shortcut for the Save As command in File menu. Flashing? The button flashes as a 'save reminder' after 5 minutes, then at 10 min and every 30 sec after 10 min, be afraid, very afraid!...or just save more often. Using the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+N) will save a 'new' version of your project, even better.
Render as Audio File (Ctrl+R) - Opens the render options for saving the project to an audio file (WAV or MP3). Right-Click - Render to MP3
Open Audio Editor - Left-click to open the Edison audio editor, Right-click to open a new instance of Edison. Dragging and dropping an audio file (from the Browser onto this button will open the file in a new instance of Edison.
One-click Recording - Opens the external audio recording 'wizard' to help you record audio from your audio device inputs. NOTE: Don't record through the Master Mixer track otherwise all project audio is mixed with your external audio input.
View Project Info (F11) - Open the Project Info, where you can enter details about the name, author, etc.
Control key (Ctrl) - Ctrl key function. Useful for touch.
Alt key (Alt) - Alt key function. Useful for touch.
Shift key (Shift) - Shift key function. Useful for touch.
Cut (Ctrl+X) - Activates the cut function for the selected editor window, Piano roll or Playlist.
Paste (Ctrl+V)/ Duplicate (Ctrl+B) - Activates the Paste or Right-click Duplicate function for the selected editor window, Piano roll or Playlist.
Last Tweaked control - Opens a large control designed for use with touch. This will be automatically linked to the last tweaked (moved) UI control.
Undo (Ctrl+Z)/ History - Undo the last command. Right-click the button to open the History in the Browser.
Add menu - Opens the Add Menu to add Channels, Effects etc.
Help (F1) - Opens the Help (you are reading it right now). Right-click to see FL Studio's 'About panel'.