FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile - Controllers

FL Studio Mobile responds to both internal touch-controllers and external MIDI controllers, including knob/fader (CC) assignment.

Internal Touch Controllers

The Keyboard will show for instrument Playlist tracks while Drumpads will show for Drum Tracks (Stepsequencer).

  • MOD (Modulation) - Look for MW Destination Amount (MOD Wheel) on MiniSynth and Groove Machine Synth.

Using the Touch Controllers

  • Touch - Tap to play the controller as desired.
  • Mapping Drumpads - Drum Pads start at C4 (MIDI note 48) and up to A5 (MIDI note 69)

External MIDI Controllers

FL Studio Mobile can connect to external MIDI controllers.

To connect and play from your MIDI Keyboard or Drumpads:

  1. If you are using a MIDI controller connected directly to your Mobile device. It's likely you will need an adapter to convert from a large USB A type output from the MIDI controller to your Android or iOS device (examples below). NOTE: Not all mobile devices can supply the power requirements of a MIDI controller. If this is the case, the MIDI controller will not work and you may get a warning from the device. If your MIDI controller has capability to use a dedicated power supply, use it.

  2. Start FL Studio Mobile.
  3. Connect your MIDI controller to your device or computer. It should be detected by the system. If you are shown an option to use the controller as a default, select it.

  4. From the FL Studio Mobile Home panel > Settings page tap on MIDI In

  5. Select your MIDI controller. On a PC it should show by name. On a mobile device, if this does not happen use MIDI In or Any available.

  6. You should now be able to Play keys/pads on your controller. The selected Playlist track will decide which instrument/s you can play.

MIDI Learn - Link a knob or slider on your controller to a knob/control in FL Studio Mobile:

  1. After following the 'connect to external MIDI controller' steps above:
  2. Tweak/move the target control in FL Studio Mobile.

  3. Open CTRL on the transport panel.

  4. Select Link to MIDI CC

  5. You will see a message: 'Waiting for CC'.

  6. Tweak/move the control on your MIDI controller and the link is made.

  7. You can now control the parameter in FL Studio Mobile from your MIDI Controller.