PoiZone - MIDI


The MIDI section provides the ability to route a MIDI controller to a range of targets in PoiZone, as described below. NOTE: In order to link your controller to specific MIDI CC values you will need to do this via your hosts plugin wrapper.


  • MW DEST: Mod Wheel Destination, selects the target control for the mod wheel MIDI CC parameter -
    • CUTOFF: Cutoff of the filter frequency (pitch) of oscillator A.
    • LFO: LFO amplitude. Note that this is not LFO amount, it is the amplitude of the LFO. For example, if your Mod Wheel is linked to LFO amplitude, and set your Mod Wheel to minimum, LFO will have zero amplitude and won't do anything. If you turn Mod Wheel to maximum the LFO will now have max amplitude.
    • FREQ A: Frequency of OSC A.
    • PW A: Pulse-width of OSC A.
    • PW AB: Pulse-Width of OSCs A and B.
  • MW AMNT: The amount of modulation that the MOD Wheel will apply.
  • PB RANGE: Pitch Bend Range.