Beats Not Bullets

The Beats Not Bullets (BNB) program from the Dream Bigger Community Institute, located in Baltimore, Maryland, aims to increase Middle & High School age students’ knowledge of the sound engineering and the recording industry. Participants will graduate with improved awareness, attitude, and practice of using instruments, computer software, and audio equipment to create music and audio production.
BNB is staffed by music industry professionals and provides participants the opportunity to experiment, practice, create and record music using instruments, industry-standard computer software, and audio equipment. They assist youth to further develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills leading to better cognition and long-term decision-making.
To date, over 500 youth aged 12 to 20, have enjoyed the Beats Not Bullets concept. Graduates have independently produced musical projects, secured production placements, and obtained internships with local recording studios and positively impact their families.
Graduates will complete with strengths and qualifications in the following areas:
Music Production & Beat Making
Studio Engineering
Marketing & Promotions
Professional Development
Paid Studio Internships
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