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Recognized Training Centers List

BPM College
Tel Aviv

Email:  marketing@bpm-music.com
Phone:  1-700-500-881
Media: https://www.facebook.com/BPM.College/


BPM College is one of the leading educational institutes in the world for sound and music production. Founded in 2002 and based in Tel Aviv, we teach more than 1,000 students every year on our campus. BPM is the only institute in Israel to be recognized as an authorized training center for all major DAWs. Our mission is to give the best education for the music industry and build an ever-growing community of musicians, sound engineers, writers, producers and music lovers.

Chester Sky Productions

Email:  chesterskyproductions@gmail.com
Phone:  7802358389
Media: https://www.facebook.com/RealChesterSky



The Music Producer Master Class is the one stop shop to making music at a professional level and learning the tools to becoming a music producer. Whether you’re a music producer, musician, or just someone who would like to learn how to make songs heard on the radio, movies, or video games, this course will walk you through the entire process of creating incredible sounding music. This course is designed for music makers of all levels who want to improve their skills, learn FL studio to an expert level, and even make money from their compositions.

Deejay Academy

Email:  andrespower@djacademy.edu.co
Phone:  57 3125858994
Media: https://business.facebook.com/djacademybogota


Deejay Academy Bogotá es la primera escuela Colombiana especializada en géneros electrónicos, su director Andrés Power es uno de los pioneros del escena Dj en Colombia.

Ha sido galardonada con 7 premios entre los que están: mejor academia Dj, Mejor Dj productor y mejor label de música electrónica. Nuestros cursos son personalizados y garantizados en instalaciones de primera con equipos de última tecnología. Aprobados por la secretaria de Educación.

United States
True Production
Falls Church

Email:  Mr.konur.ezra@gmail.com
Phone:  5714200719
Media: https://soundcloud.com/tru3pr0ducti0n


Fl Studio Basics is the first course offered.
In this course we break down the basic functionality of the DAW to uncover its true capabilities.

The next course is the Fl Studio Projects course.
In this course we teach you how to create well organized sessions and how to get the best out of your DAW during your work flow experience all while maintaining that creative spirit you have!

In the 3rd course, The FL Studio Plugins course, each student receives the opportunity to learn about the different plugins (effects and generators) and how to use and apply them. This course will include plugins that are supported by and compatible with the latest version of FL Studio.

Once you learn about the different plugins the last course available is the FL Studio Advance course. In this course you will discover and learn useful skills and tricks that help strengthen your sound and expand your knowledge deeper into the the DAW and all of its advance features and effects.


Email:  contactenos@eas.edu.co
Phone:  +5743333379
Media: https://www.facebook.com/eascolombia/


La Escuela de Audio y Sonido de Colombia es una de las instituciones más reconocidas en Latino América. Contamos con programas técnicos en Producción de Audio y Sonido, Música para la Industria y Dj/Productor.
Todos nuestros programas se encuentran certificados y aprobados por Secretaria de Educación y el SENA.

Contamos con talleres y cursos personalizados en Dj, producción musical digital, técnica vocal, instrumentos musicales, mezcla, mastering, entre otros.

Contamos con espacios diseñados específicamente para el desarrollo de tus habilidades y tecnología de vanguardia que te permitirá estar vigente frente a las necesidades del mercado.

En la Escuela de Audio y Sonido de Colombia, estamos listos para convertir tu pasión en tu profesión
Aprende – Siente - Crea

DNA Music

Email:  info@dnamusic.edu.co
Phone:  +5717452178
Media: https://www.facebook.com/dnamusicdj


DNA Music es la mejor academia de Dj's, Músicos, Productores y Tecnicos de audio del pais. Cuenta con la certificación de la secretaria de educación y han sido ganadores por 4 años consecutivos del reconocimiento, manejan programas desde cursos libres hasta carreras técnicas. Si la música es lo tuyo en DNA Music es donde tienes que estar.

United States
Smart Professions
New York

Email:  info@smartprofessions.com
Phone:  16469267760
Media: https://www.instagram.com/smartprofessions/


Here at Smart Professions, we don't believe that one size fits all, and we offer personalized learning experiences customized for individuals.

We will tailor-make your study program based on your background, schedule and interests. You will learn only what you need to learn through personal mentorship sessions, online lectures, daily email assistance, career consultation and hands-on workshops.

For instance, if you want to learn how to produce hip hop beats with FL Studio, we will only focus on that and eliminate unrelated topics. No redundant info, no fillers.

Check out our website for more info.

New City Services
Spruce Grove

Email:  samgranterickson@gmail.com
Phone:  780-920-0686
Media: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZf_O_cZeCK70HXfi9emIPw

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We offer Guitar, Drums, Piano, Bass, DJ & Production lessons to our students. Our teachers' end goal is to have our students ready and prepared for post secondary education if that is the direction they feel like taking their career in. With all of our teachers graduated with a degree in music from a post secondary institution, not only do we serve to teach people who want to learn for fun, but also make music their career.

Plugged Head

Email:  hello@pluggedhead.fr
Phone:  +33756939875
Media: https://twitter.com/PluggedHead



Plugged Head gives you the opportunity to train you wherever you are and whatever your level.

Thanks to an innovative pedagogy and music industry professionals we offer you training continuing vocational adapted to the labour market.

We have implemented a joint learning (Blended Learning) that will allow you to learn at your own pace.

Our classes are taught by professionals still in activity, recognized for their talent.
We would probably not School of independent producers if we fail to propose you an entrepreneurial support.

You want to become a contractor we support you from validating your idea looking for financing, Whatever your project "creation of startup., artistic project, label creation, Association of professional integration. "

We put at your service the best strategic experts to give you the keys to the success.

Centro i4DJ

Email:  geral@ci4dj.com
Phone:  (+351) 217 162 684
Media: https://www.facebook.com/C.i4DJ.Producer


Centro i4DJ - Centro de inteligência para DJ e Produtores de Musica eletrónica.

O Centro i4DJ tem como missão promover o desenvolvimento e especialização dos artistas de música electrónica, através de uma formação de qualidade e inovadora com sustentação tecnológica.

Todos os nossos valores assentam num reconhecido know- how técnico e humano, e num serviço personalizado com acompanhamento constante do Cliente.

Pretendemos ser um padrão de excelência na formação para DJs, que apresenta ofertas inovadoras e diferenciadoras, com a melhor tecnologia e relação humana, com o intuito de criar o melhor DJ do mundo.

E-DJS Curso de Produção Musical
Sao Paulo

Email:  e-djs@e- djs.com.br
Phone:  55 11 3331-0898
Media: http://www.facebook.com/edjsweb


Aulas teóricas e praticas onde aprende recursos e funções do software FL Studio,

Todos os fundamentos necessários para a criação e produção de músicas, independente do estilo musical.

- Canal de áudio e MIDI,

- Equalizadores e Filtros MIDI (teoria e controladores),

- Seqüenciamento de bateria,

- Edição e gravação de áudio,

- Criação de uma música do começo ao fim.

MusiCasa BVBA

Email:  info@musicasa.be
Phone:  +32 478 88 35 11
Media: https://www.facebook.com/musicasa.creative.music.institute/


MusiCasa offers professional education in music production an DJ'ing. Check out our website musicasa.be for all info.

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