Alex Hampton

Alex Hampton is an experienced independent music producer, and mixing/mastering engineer located in the United States. Alex offers an array of music services, but most notably offers FL Studio training services from beginner to advanced level training.
“From my experience, every detail of FL Studio, even down to specific DAW settings, is very valuable to know to help in creating quality productions and achieving your desired sound.”
Training would be a 3 step process starting from the basic level, through the intermediate level, and into the advanced training level. Hampton currently owns the Signature edition of FL Studio, so there won’t be an edition crossover issue even if you’re wanting to get started with the Demo version of FL Studio.
Basic Level:
Moving through the DAW
DAW menu, buttons, & settings
MIDI setup & compatibility
Creating/Removing folders
DAW customization
More info when enrolled…
Intermediate Level:
Downloading & Installing Plugins
All Panel Review
Plugin Search
Loading/Using samples
FL Studio starter plugins
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Advanced Level:
Stock Plugins
3rd party plugin compatibility
Rendering/”Bounce” Settings
File formats
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