Fruity Delay 2

Fruity Delay 2 is an enhanced version of the Fruity Delay VST plugin, with refined controls and some additional features, such as stereo offset and panning control for the input signal.

Related plugins: Fruity Delay 3 and Fruity Delay Bank is a more sophisticated delay plugin, for those times when one delay is not enough.


Input Section

Allows you to tune the volume and panning of the input signal.

Feedback Section

Sets various options for the echo feedback.

Time Section

Contains the time settings of the delay effect.

Dry Section

Contains a single knob (VOL) that sets the amount of "dry" (unprocessed) signal to be mixed with the "wet" (processed by the effect) signal.

If you want to use Fruity Delay 2 in a send track, it is recommended to set the dry volume to 0 (the knob spun maximum to left).

Plugin Credits: Didier Dambrin