Plugin Formats Supported

FL Studio supports 32 and 64 Bit VST, VST2, VST3. DirectX, DirectX2 and Buzz plugins and our own enhanced proprietary FL Studio native format.

Installing instruments and effects

Click here to see the manual pages on installing plugins.

Supported formats

VST Plugins

FL Studio supports VST 1, 2 & 3 format instruments (VSTi) and effects (VST). The VST format is opened in the Fruity Wrapper that has many options to solve compatibility issues and input/output routing controls. See the section on Installing VST plugins for more information.

DirectX & DirectX2 Plugins

FL Studio supports DirectX plugin effects standard by Microsoft(R). DirectX plugins are registered on installation directly in Windows, so FL Studio will detect them no matter in what folder they were installed. However, in order the DirectX plugin system to work, you need to have installed DirectX Media 8.0 or later (it's included in the latest DirectX installation which can be downloaded from

FL Studio Plugin Standard

FL Studio has an enhanced proprietary plugin standard that allows advanced integrated functions including: Right-click of any interface control to open an Automation Clip or link to an external controller. Per-note pitch slides, legato and more....

Buzz Effects

The Buzz effects plugins are an open plugin format for implementing filters in Buzz (tracker software). FL Studio supports Buzz effects through its Buzz Effects Adapter plugin.