Using FL Studio ReWire with Reason

The following guide covers the steps required to use the FL Studio ReWire device with Propellerhead Software's Reason.

The guide assumes you have read and understood the general information and guidelines about using FL Studio as a ReWire host (see Host Mode).

General Use

1. Add ReWired to the project

Add an instance of the ReWired plugin to your project.

2. Select a Client

Select Reason from the Client combo box of the ReWired channel. If Reason is not listed, make sure Reason is registered/installed correctly.

3. Launch Reason

Launch Reason from the Start Menu shortcut. Alternatively, use the Show Panel button in the ReWired channel.

4. End

Reason will now operate as a ReWire client for FL Studio. All of the output will be streamed into the ReWired plugin and the playback and song position will be synchronized.

Controlling Reason via MIDI

Reason provides access to many of its controls and synths via the ReWire MIDI busses. To make use of this feature, you need to set a MIDI Out channel in FL Studio to a specific port/channel which is mapped to the ReWire MIDI bus of Reason:

Open the MIDI Options for ReWired

Click the MIDI Options button for the ReWired channel that is linked to Reason.

Map Input Port

To send MIDI data to Reason, you need to map an FL Studio input port to the ReWire bus. Use the following settings to create a new mapping:

Click Add/Change. The mapping will appear in the Mappings list.

Create a MIDI Out channel

Add an instance of the MIDI Out channel to your project.

Adjust the MIDI Out settings

Set the output port of the MIDI Out channel to 50 (or the port you have selected to map earlier).

The default project in Reason (2.5 or later) contains a controllable synth on channel 2 - MelodyB (for a full list of synths, see the Channels list in the ReWired MIDI Options window). Select channel 2 in MIDI Out. Any notes now played in MIDI Out will be sent to Reason and played by MelodyB. You can also add additional MIDI Out channels to control other available channels.