FL Studio Editions & Features

It's our philosophy is that you should only pay for the features you use. We provide FL Studio in four editions, each with more features than the next. The product hierarchy below notes some key features:

NOTE: Please see the feature comparison list on the FL Studio website for a detailed comparison of each edition. You may upgrade from one edition to the next at any time (check the shop for upgrade pricing).

What's FL Studio in DEMO mode?

If you are using FL Studio in DEMO mode there is only one limitation - Projects can be saved but can't be opened again until FL Studio is purchased and unlocked. If you have used instruments or effects in the project not included in the edition purchased (above), then you will need to buy those plugin/s too. Projects in this state will open but the plugin/s will be replaced with place holders. You can tell if a plugin is a demo when the Wrapper window title bar shows "(demo)" after the plugins name. All other functions in the FL Studio demo are fully unlocked. It is the equivalent of Signature Bundle plus all plugins. Remember, you can render to .wav, .mp3 .ogg or .mid files prior to saving a demo project.

Edition Icons

When one of the following icons appears next to the page title it means the feature or plugin is exclusive to a certain FL Studio edition or must be purchased separately. You can learn more about the editions here in the manual, or for a complete comparison of the FL Studio Editions Compared visit the Feature Comparison page .

- The feature or plugin is included with FL Studio (Fruity Edition, Producer Edition & Signature Bundle).
- The feature or plugin is included with FL Studio (Producer Edition & Signature Bundle).
- The plugin may be a demo, depending on your FL Studio version. If a project is saved, and it contains plugins that are in demo mode, the demo plugins will be replaced by empty channels/slots next time the project is opened. Each demo plugin that is subsequently purchased and registered will load as it was originally saved next time the project is opened.

WARNING: If you open and then re-save a project that contains demo plugins, the settings for these plugins will be lost. To unlock the demo plugins visit the Image-Line store and buy them. After purchase you can continue working on these projects with the plugin settings as originally saved.