Fruity Delay 2

Fruity Delay 2 is an enhanced version of the Fruity Delay VST plugin, with refined controls and some additional features, such as stereo offset and panning control for the input signal.

Related plugins: Fruity Delay 3 and Fruity Delay Bank is a more sophisticated delay plugin, for those times when one delay is not enough.


Input Section

Allows you to tune the volume and panning of the input signal.

  • Panning knob (PAN) - Sets the panning of the input signal.
  • Volume knob (VOL) - Sets the volume of the input signal.

Feedback Section

Sets various options for the echo feedback.

  • Normal/Inverted/Ping Pong - Normal keeps the stereo data consistent with the input signal; Inverted switches the left and right channels in the feedback (so if the input is panned to right, the feedback will be panned to left); Ping Pong works like Inverted, but switches the left and right channels repeatedly for each echo generated (thus creating a "ping pong" effect).
  • Volume knob (VOL) - sets the volume of the feedback. Setting this to maximum will create feedback that never fades out, while setting it to minimum (spun maximum to left) will result in no feedback.
  • Cutoff knob (CUT) - sets the cutoff frequency amount for the feedback. Using this feature allows you to "smooth out" echoes as they fade out thus creating more natural effect.

Time Section

Contains the time settings of the delay effect.

  • Time knob (TIME) - sets the signal delay time (and amount of time between echoes in the feedback). This setting is tempo based. If you want to set the time to an exact number of steps, Right-click the knob and from the popup menu select the Set submenu for a list of presets.

    Steps (16th notes) are each divided into 48, so you can set a perfect 1/3 fraction. Hold Ctrl for fine adjustment and check the hint bar as you tweak the delay time - 1/2 = 8:00, 1/4 = 4:00, 1/8 = 2:00, 1/16 = 1:00, 1/2 dotted = 12:00, 1/4 dotted = 6:00, 1/8 dotted = 3:00, 1/16 dotted = 1:24, 1/2 triplet = 5:16, 1/4 triplet = 2:32, 1/8 triplet = 1:16 and 1/16 triplet = 0:32

  • Stereo Offset knob (OFS) - lets you set a time offset for the left or right audio channel, thus creating richer stereo panorama of the delay effect. To delay the left channel, spin the knob to the left. To delay the right channel, turn to the right. To remove the time offset between channels, reset the knob (Right-click the knob and select the Reset command).

Dry Section

Contains a single knob (VOL) that sets the amount of "dry" (unprocessed) signal to be mixed with the "wet" (processed by the effect) signal.

If you want to use Fruity Delay 2 in a send track, it is recommended to set the dry volume to 0 (the knob spun maximum to left).

Plugin Credits: Didier Dambrin