Sawer - Master Controls

Master Controls

The Master Controls section provides a range of global controls as described below:


  • LEVEL - Final output volume control.
  • PANNING - Final output panning.
  • ADSR - Note volume envelope controls:
    • ATK (Attack) - Note volume ramp-up speed.
    • DEC (Decay) - Note volume ramp down speed (after reaching the maximum level set by the Attack).
    • SUS (Sustain) - Note volume when held (after the Decay time has completed).
    • REL (Release) - Note volume release rate (decays to silence).


  • TRANSP (Transpose) - Controls the global pitch in semitones.
  • FINE - Controls the global pitch in cents (1/100th semitone steps). The range is -100 to +100 cents with 0 in the middle position (vertical knob).


Portamento is used to slide between notes or create legato effects.

  • STATIC/VARI (Static / Variable) - Static: Glide time is static. Notes will glide at a variable rate so that glide-time is independent of the jump size. Variable: Glide time is variable depending on jump size. The glide rate is fixed so larger note intervals will take longer.
  • BEND/HELD - Bend: All notes will glide. Held: Only held (overlapping) notes will glide.
  • GLIDE TIME - Controls the slide-rate between notes.


  • MONO/POLY (Monophonic/Polyphonic) - Monophonic: playback mode, only one note will play at a time. Polyphonic: playback mode, multiple notes will play, up to the maximum set by the General Settings POLYPHONY option.
  • OCT (Octave) - Even numbered UNISON voices are shifted up one octave.
  • RETRIG (Retrigger) - All unison voices are retriggered and phases reset at note on.
  • UNISON VOICES - Set the number of unison voices from 1 to 8. 1 = No unison. Unison is similar to chorus in that copies of each voice (note) are detuned and panned to create a thicker audio texture.
  • UNISON DETUNE - The relative detuning of the unison voices. Higher levels creates a more discordant sound.
  • UNISON PANNING - The relative stereo panning of the unison voices. Higher levels create a wider stereo field.