Transistor Bass

DEMO ONLY: Transistor Bass is available as a demo version in FL Studio and needs to be purchased separately.

Transistor Bass is a subtractive synthesizer in the style of the legendary Roland TB303™ Bassline synthesizer, but also enhances the concept by offering a number of tweaks not found in the original hardware, together with a guitar distortion, FX and a modern sequencer. Plus, fast editing of your bassline sequences.

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There are 128 'Programs'. Each program consists of a Patch (the state of all synthesis controls for Transistor Bass) and a Sequence (a melody that plays when the Sequencer is activated). You can change the Program value with the Note/Key selector or when AF (Auto Follow) is on, the Program will change depending on the note sent to the plugin (C0 to G10). Independent of the Programs are 128 Sequences that can be used with any of the Programs. Sequences can be set from 1 to 16 steps. In addition you can use Piano roll slide notes and note colors.

Title Bar

Main Panel

Controls Panel


The sequencer is 16 steps (1/16th notes).

Transposing the sequencer from the Piano roll - Notes played on MIDI Channel 13, Note color 13 will transpose the sequencer up or down relative to the original C5 (MIDI note 60) pitch. You can trigger the sequencer via the Play/Pause button or via MIDI notes. Naturally it always plays the Sequence associated with the Program and note (up to 128 sequences can be saved).

TIP: Rotate notes in Stepsequencer with (Shift+Ctrl+Arrows)

Sequencer Controls

Keyboard editing shortcuts:

Note control:

Piano roll Controls

To sequence Transistor Bass from the Piano roll first deselect the sequencer.

NOTE: Autofollow is not active when the Sequencer mode is deselected (although the control will stay lit).

Plugin Credits: Daniel Schaack

Interface: Miroslav Krajcovic

Reverb algorithms: Ultrafunk.