Pitcher is a real-time pitch-correction, manipulation & harmonization plugin that can correct and harmonize under MIDI control from a keyboard or the Piano roll. A Pitcher Video Tutorial series is available. A related plugin for detailed pitch correction, editing and sample manipulation is Newtone.

WARNING: You are NOT allowed to use this plugin to tune crappy vocals and make millions!

Suggestions for using Pitcher

To get the best sound from Pitcher:

  1. Avoid singing pitches on the boundary between notes in the scale. Use the Input Pitch detection indicator as a guide.
  2. Avoid excessive vibrato.
  3. Pitcher works with monophonic (single note) sounds. It won't work with choirs, chords or complete mixes although abusing it this way may yield creative effects.
  4. Select the appropriate scale for your vocal. If you don't know what key your vocals are in, watch the pitch indicator and deselect notes that are detected but unwanted.
  5. Put Pitcher first in the effects chain so that it receives a non-effected input. Phasing, chorus and reverb can negatively impact pitch detection.
  6. When using MIDI control, align (or play) notes slightly ahead of the vocal so you don't miss the vocal attack sound.
  7. Ignore the above and get creative!


MIDI Mode / Harmonizing Setup

MIDI Mode allows you to play the 'corrected' pitch from a MIDI keyboard or from the Piano Roll. Perfect for live improvisation or to use manual pitch correction and/or harmonizing (play chords).

  1. Select MIDI mode - Click the MIDI switch on Pitcher. When selected the Port display (as shown above) will appear at the bottom left on the plugin window.
  2. MIDI Out - Load the MIDI Out generator on a channel and set the Port number (0 to 255) by dragging up/down in the Port window. This number is used to link the MIDI Out plugin to Pitcher.
  3. Match Port numbers - Set the Port Number on Pitcher (drag up/down where it shows '1' above. When no port is set this shows '...' ) to match the Port Number on MIDI Out. This links the two plugins so the MIDI Out Channel will control Pitcher's harmonization or pitch.
  4. Set other MIDI modes - Select Octaves & Harmonize (down position) if you want to play chords.
  5. Formant - Turn the Formant switch ON (illuminated) if desired. Vocals will sound more natural with formant correction.
  6. Play - Play notes on your keyboard while singing or routing audio to Pitcher's Mixer Track (and be amazed that you are milliseconds away from fame and stardom!).


Plugin by: Maxx Claster