DEMO ONLY: Sakura is provided as a demo version in FL Studio and needs to be purchased separately so you can save projects containing Sakura channels.

Like the transient beauty of Sakura (Japanese Cherry Blossom), the sound of stringed instruments blossoms and fades. Sakura, the string physical modeling instrument, expresses the delicacy and beauty of stringed sounds.

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Just as the traditionally cultivated and prized Sakura has 5 petals, Sakura the modeling instrument implements the hanami-go method:

Sakura Hanami-Go Method

Virtual modeling in Sakura follows a 5 stage hanami-method:


Master Controls



These controls allow you to simulate plucked, struck, picked and bowed sounds depending on the settings. The Exciter stage determines the initial mode of contact. This 'impulse' is further refined with the 'Hi Cut' (filtering controls).


String 1 & 2

The string section is divided into three main parts. The left side (black bar) controls the fixed Pickup 1 and string interactions, the middle section string damping controls, and the right side Pickup 2 and interactions.

String interaction


Standard ADSR envelope to control the overall String 1 & 2 output.


In stringed instruments a large part of both the tonal quality and volume of the sound comes from the string vibrating (resonating) the body of the instrument and any air spaces within it. Resonance is the process where an object vibrates in sympathy with a vibration source (in this case strings). Sakura has an 8 stage 'resonator', that is the ability to set up 8 specific frequencies at which the simulated body will resonate.


The grey band under the modeling section allows you to set up various modulation relationships. These are particularly important for adding variation and expressiveness to sounds.

Free Envelope

A standard ADSR envelope to serve as a modulation source in the Modulation matrix.


A standard Low Frequency Oscillator to serve as a modulation source in the Modulation matrix.

Modulation Matrix

An 8 stage modulation matrix allows you to assign modulation sources to vary the values of the nominated targets. The upper field selects the modulation source while the lower field selects the modulation target.

Acoustics & Effects

The effects are important to add 'polish' to your sounds. Sakura offers Delay, Chorus and Reverb, To activate the effect, click on the 'ON' button in the lower right corner of each effect section (it will light up).

Sakura Online

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