Fruity Keyboard Controller

Fruity Keyboard Controller The Fruity Keyboard Controller is an automation control and makes no sound of its own. You can use this plugin to control knob and sliders throughout FL Studio. This is achieved by linking and so mapping note pitch and velocity fed to the keyboard controller from the Piano roll or Step Sequencer to any automatable parameter within FL Studio and 3rd party plugins. Automation is the process of automatically varying some target parameter in FL Studio or plugins under the control of an automation source, such as the Keyboard Controller.

For example, this plugin allows you to quickly implement Pattern/Piano roll controlled filtering, or accurate semitone-to-semitone slides for plugins which do not natively support such features (VST and DX plugins). Fruity Keyboard Controller video tutorial here. A related plugin is the Fruity Envelope Controller.

The Keyboard Controller exports the following internal controllers:


Mapping controls

Keyboard View

The keyboard view is very similar to the preview keyboard you can see at the bottom of these channel settings pages: Function Settings; Misc Settings; Instrument Settings; Plugin Settings.

It is used to show the current key and set a range for auto mapping.

Notes & Tips

Plugin Credits: Didier Dambrin