Video Player 2

Fruity Video Player 2 plays video files in sync with FL Studio's Playlist/time-line. Use it for creating music soundtracks and or effects (foley) in time with video clips. You can also use Video Player 2 to remix audio from videos. Video Player 2 uses the FFmpeg decoder to support the widest array of open video formats (including .avi, .mov, .mpeg, .wmv, etc). It includes SMTPE time display (see the options) to allow frame number to be displayed. A related plugin is ZGameEditor Visualizer that can render video effects in sync with the music played from FL Studio. See a video tutorial here.

DEMO ONLY: The Video Player 2 needs to be purchased separately. The demo will work with clips up to 35 seconds.

NOTE: FL Studio is not a video rendering plugin so can't export the video footage. It can only be used to view videos and to stream audio from videos into FL Studio. ZGameEditor Visualizer can export video.


Using the Video Player

Plugin Credits: Pierre M. (ShiniKnobz).