Sytrus is a powerful and versatile synthesizer featuring six customizable operators for FM (Frequency Modulation) and RM (Ring Modulation) synthesis, plucked string synthesis, 3 filter modules, an effects module with chorus, three delay lines and unique programmable unison mode.

The rich implementation characteristics of Sytrus allow for an extremely wide range of sounds, including bass lines, bells, pads, drums, pianos, strings, organs and even entire drum and synth loops (in a single patch/note), made possible by the completely customizable envelopes supported by each module.

Along with this flexibility comes complexity. However, if you stick with Sytrus and study this help file (there's a easy step-by-step tutorial here), we are sure you will find Sytrus to be one of the most rewarding plugins in the Image-Line library.

Want more sounds? - There are a large number of user created Sytrus patches available on-line in the dedicated Sytrus Presets & Tips Forum.

A video tutorial for Sytrus is also available on the FL Studio website.


The Main Module

The Operator Module

Working with the Harmonics Editor.

Working with Envelopes

Creating Arpeggios

The Filter Module

The Effects Module

Basics of FM Synthesis and the Modulation Matrix

Sytrus Tutorial

Notes & Tips to Patch Creators

Options, Helpers and Tools

Common Controls

Below most envelopes is the Zoom Bar. This can be used to scroll and zoom envelopes.

Sytrus forum

Sytrus Presets - Forum dedicated to sharing Sytrus patches and patch creation.

Plugin Credits -

Code / graphics: Didier Dambrin.

VSTi port: Fr?d?ric Vanmol.

Many thanks to: Bram (oversampling), Jaha (for showing the wrong path :), Antti, Robert Bristow-Johnson (for making their filters public) , and all the ones who designed presets.

Reverb by: Ultrafunk.