Deckadance trial/installer download.

Trial downloads
Get the fully functional trial version of Deckadance for free below. The  only limitation is a 5 second silence every 3 minutes. You can unlock  the trial and remove the silencing by purchasing Deckadance in our shop.

Deckadance v2 & Deckadance v2 DVS Edition combined installer

Download Windows v2.43
For Windows (XP, Vista, Win7 & 8)

For Mac OS/X (v10.10)

How registration works:
If you have downloaded and installed the trial, you have all program files available on your computer. After purchase, you get access to the unlocking registration key file in your personal 'my account' page.

Access the key file:
Download from the 'my account' section 'unlock products' and save the flregkey.reg key file on your hard disc.

Apply the registration key in Deckadance:
In the Deckadance program go to 'settings'. Under the 'Registration' section you find a 'Register' button. Direct Deckadance to the flregkey.reg file you saved on your hard disc. The registration will finish automatically.

If you are registered for Deckadance 1 House (or Club Edition) your registration file will also unlock Deckadance v2 (or Deckadance v2 DVS Edition).

System requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP (SP2) /Vista /Windows 7 & 8.
  • Processor: Intel PIII 1 GHz or Althon XP 1.4 GHz.
  • Memory: 512Mb RAM.
  • Hard Disk Space: 200MB free space.
  • Sound Card: DirectSound or ASIO compatible soundcard.

  • OS: OSX v10.10 (Universal Binary)
  • Processor: G4 1.5 GHz or Intel Core Duo family.
  • Memory: 512Mb RAM.
  • Hard Disk Space: 200MB free space.
  • Sound Card: CoreAudio drivers.