Academic & Educational Licenses

Educational & Academic Licenses

There are two types of Educational Licenses available: Site Licenses for Educational Institutions, and individual Academic Licenses for students. Please reference the information appropriate for your case below.

Educational Institutions

*** If you are a student, please skip this section ***

Different equipment setups and scenarios require custom quotes to be provided to schools. In most cases, a multi-seat site license is appropriate, and these can ONLY be purchased through a custom order placed with our team. Please contact us through the Support page for a quote, and include as much detail about your needs as possible. For example, please let us know how many devices you wish to install FL Studio on, whether they are owned by the school and kept permanently in a single location or not, etc.

For more information about Site License pricing and details, please scroll down to the "More Information for Educational Institutions" section of this page.

Individual students ONLY

*** If you are purchasing FL Studio on behalf of a school/organization, please refer to the section above ***

A single-user discounted edition of the FL Studio Signature Bundle is available for purchase ONLY through third-party distributors. You will be required to make your purchase through one of our distributors and provide them with a valid student ID.

Please contact the distributor in your country for more information. Alternatively, here are some examples of online music stores also sell FL Studio for those with a Student ID Card:

Please contact the reseller directly for information on their terms & conditions. We do not sell Educational Licenses directly from our shop.

More Information for Educational Institutions

  • Site Licenses grant an Educational Institution the right to use FL Studio on a specified number of devices.
  • Site Licenses allow FL Studio to be unlocked for ALL users on a single device (meaning all students can log into the device with their username and use FL Studio).
  • Site Licenses exclude commercial use where the software, documentation, or data is used "for profit" for any other purpose than education.
  • Site Licenses are not intended to be installed and operated on student-owned computers. The software belongs solely to the purchasing institution.
  • We are able to include our FL Studio Starter Curriculum with all FL Studio Site License purchases upon request.
  • All FL Studio licenses (individual, educational & site licenses) receive free, downloadable, Lifetime Free Updates.

More information is provided to interested institutions prior to purchase. Please submit a request as mentioned above in order to begin the process.

Students can freely obtain the FL Studio Trial version at for use on their personal computers. Students may also obtain individual educational licenses from authorized FL Studio resellers as noted above.

Even if a student does not own an FL Studio license that they can use on their personal devices at home, our Free Trial still enables them to work on projects on their own time and bring them to the classroom to use. This process is described in the video below.

If you are an educator working with students we allow you to open Student FL Studio projects to enable them to continue working on their projects.

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Educational Site License Pricing

Prices quoted below are in US Dollars (tax excluded). Please note that these are our general prices for site licenses, but each institution has a different setup/situation and is given a customized quote. Prices are subject to our general terms and conditions and valid only while stocks last or offers are provided. Site licenses are delivered by download and therefore, no shipping and handling cost is charged. Site licenses can be purchased in batches of 5 seats. Educational pricing is available for FL Studio Signature Bundle only. No educational pricing is available for Fruity, Producer, or any other Edition.

N° Licenses  
  FL Studio Signature Bundle Academic
  Up to 4
  Contact us for pricing
  $749 USD
  $995 USD
  $1333 USD
  $1652 USD
  $1950 USD
  $2229 USD
  $2488 USD
  $2726 USD
  $2945 USD
  $3144 USD
  $3323 USD
  $3483 USD
  $3731 USD
  $3980 USD
  $4229 USD
  $4478 USD
  $4726 USD
  $4975 USD
  $5224 USD
  $5473 USD

If you are interested in an education license or require further information, please contact us. Please include as much information about your needs as possible.